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Dry Ration Kit distribution at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Volunteer’s Name: Koushal Ahirwar
Report Date: 23rd June 2021
Location of Work: Sagar
State: Madhya Pradesh
Team Members involved: Koushal Ahirwar, Shubham Kanojia, Arun Kumar, Vishal Yadav, Honey Kashyap, Kalyan Singh, Pushpendra Mourya
Work details: I am Koushal Ahirwar, had been engaged in Nagaloka/Manuski relief work for last year. Being a social work, I used to confront a many of daily wages Labourers as my work is basically with them. We have supported them during the frist wave of pandemic by support received from Nagaloka Covid relief work. During my intervention, I have seen many needy families specially single women, widow, daily wages labour, construction workers, etc who were in extreme need of dry ration. They asked me a several time for the support. I asked one of my friend who is a part of Manuski relief work team. He said we will see if we can manage to support them. Eventually he said please do a survey and then share the list of needy. I did the same and conducted a survey in village Zinda, Sanichiri ward, Gyaganj, Bararu, Mehar, Sankargar ward, Purani Makronia, Dharm Shree Ward, Patkui, Topakhana, Begam Ganj, 51 no. Cantt, 21 no. Cantt. The above mentioned localities and villages fall in Sagar district of Madhya – Pradesh. And preparer list was shared with Manuski relief work core team. They people who received the ration were extremely needy and were looking for such supports.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 100
Beneficiaries Details: Single women, Widow, Daily Wages Labour, construction workers, etc
We have a good team of volunteers. There are around 6 to 8 volunteers in our team, therefore it won’t take much time in distributing ration and doing manual work. Even the list of beneficiaries was comprised of people whose name was given by the volunteers. Each volunteer does know the needy and their financial status. People were genuine and can be seen in photos itself. They people who were received the ration expressed their happiness with us and thanked us. Although they were not aware about Manuski and its work.
People were also hoping that we will come again and distribute ration to those who are left without getting ration. Many genuine people did not receive the ration as we have limited kits and pre decided beneficiaries.

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