You are currently viewing Ration Kit Distribution to Daily Wagers at Alwar -Rajasthan

Ration Kit Distribution to Daily Wagers at Alwar -Rajasthan

Volunteer’s Name: Hansraj Jonwal
Report Date: 19 July 2021
Location of Work: Alwar
State: Rajasthan
Team Members involved: Hansraj Jonwal, Kamal Bodhi, Harish Kundra, Rajkumar, Nemi Chand
Total Beneficiaries Families: 106
Total Beneficiaries People: 486
Beneficiaries Details: Most of them daily wagers, some of very different community, and most if widows, they have no source of earn, blind person, and handicap, much older
Really it help will be most support their family, because of Covid no work no money, so how they can survive, which people got help, when we meet them, they all are all give Blessings, that time I feel the importance of help, I would like to say thanks that people side which got help.
Thank you Nagaloka & Manuski


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