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Flood relief fund distribution at Goa and Sindhudurga Region

We are very glad to submit herewith the detail report on distribution of relief fund whichever approved for flood effected sufferers due to heavy rain on 22 and 23 rd July 2021 mostly are from Goa state and Sindhudurga district of Maharashtra state. Riverside villages were more effected by this. the flood submerged a huge land mass which put the victim families under the crisis to meet their basic needs as food,shelter and water.

The flood destroyed the residences of some of the villagers also ruined agricultural activities and cattles were flown away in the flood. People got homeless and lost their livelihood and jobs. So village primary school has  tempoararely provision made by state government as their shelter.

Also the stagnated water in the fields made it impossible to do agricultural activities.

Considering all these problems, with the help of Jambudvipa trust, Pune; we decided to distribute some ration, bedding material and basic kitchen equipment for these families. We distribute the ration included flour, pulses, rice, spices, oil, soap, vegetables, wheat, etc. and it was distributed to 45 families in the phase of relief work. They are from Sindhudurga, where river water affected their houses, and Two of Goa state.

Total 45 families with their 179 members are benefitted from this help.

Village wise Details of distribution

Sr no Village name No of Family No of benef.
1 Kudal (Sindhudurga) 24 96
2 Pandur (Sindhudurga) 6 24
3 Sherle (Sindhudurga) 1 5
4 Tamboli (Sindhudurga) 2 7
5 Khadaki (Goa) 8 32
6 Gavane (Goa) 2 8
7 Nagzar (Goa) 2 7
Total 45 179


We thanks to our all volunteers for their helping hand also thanks who make this project succesful by reaching to sufferer to provide them this kind support. Without them we cannot do this.

Last but not least We are specially thanks to Jambudvipa Trust, Pune for your kind cooperation and financial support. Without your generous support it is very difficult for us to ” Relief to Flood Victim Families!!”


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