You are currently viewing Ration Kit Distribution at  Eruvadi, Thirunelveli-Tamil Nadu

Ration Kit Distribution at Eruvadi, Thirunelveli-Tamil Nadu

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Nabiya Ethiraj
Team Members involved: Mervin, Murugan, Mukesh, Kanagaraj, Iyappan and Pontamilselvan
Report Date: 3rd & 12th Nov 2021
Location of Work: Eruvadi, Thirunelveli
State: Tamil Nadu

Total Beneficiaries Families: 100
Total Beneficiaries People: 400
Beneficiaries Details: 100 widows/daily labours have been identified from 7 dalit villages

Work details:

1. Each volunteer took responsibility to collect data of single-parent families in 7 Dalit villages
2. They identified a key informant from each village to collect the actual needy people details
3. The customized kids have been recommended based on the needs of the target population
3. They helped to distribute the kids on the field

Corona and the flood came together and affected these families very badly. The rations provided to them will help the family to take care of their basic needs for a month.
As all families are widow women headed families, their burden has been shared by Manuski by distributing the kids on time.

Case Study:
An 80 years old woman, who has a physical disability and is a widow too finds it very difficult to have meals daily she has been left with nothing by her children. they moved to cities and never came back to see how is she doing. she gets help from neighbors sometimes. but mostly she sleeps without food. A volunteer from this village has identified this woman to get this help. She received the kids full of happiness as she doesn’t need to worry for two months to have food.

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