You are currently viewing Ration kit Distribution in 12 village from Kandhamal and Kalahandi in Odisha

Ration kit Distribution in 12 village from Kandhamal and Kalahandi in Odisha

Report Date: 19 & 20 November 2021

Work Location: 8 Village of Kandhamal District, 4 Village in Kalahandi: 1- Lalakhunti, 2- Puden, 3- Batangpadar, 4- Puruna Jhiripani, 5- Bedapada, 6- Bargaon, 7- Baraguda, 8- Pokar,. 1-Paikpada, 2- Rukudibori, 3- Indrapara, 4- Ambadola Badpada.

Work State: Odisha
Team Members Name: Sibu Kusulia, Supu, Bachan, Krupasindhu, Biswambar Kanta, Uddhaba Kusulia, Sarat, Subash, Tamila and Maitreyaratn

Details of beneficiaries: Old woman and men, Widow, Physical disable person, Daily wagers Families and those are lived themselves alone, most are from Scheduled Tribe & Scheduled Caste community.

Total Number of Beneficiaries Families: 135
Total Number of Beneficiaries People:  385

Work Details:
Kandhamal and Kalahandi District is very much famous for its tribal people and its richness of nature and cultural heritage but at the same time, it’s always on focus for poverty, mostly the tribal and schedule caste community are living in poverty due to Covid restriction they are facing immense difficulty to arrange their daily needs, we NTI Alumni continuously working in a different part of Odisha, Sibu Kusulia, Udhaba, Sarala, supu and Bachan belong from this hilly reason so they survey the villages and find out the neediest beneficiaries mostly the old man and woman, Widow, Daily wagers and very poor families. In the previous phase of relief work, we covered some of the beneficiaries but due to funds shortage we are unable to cover the rest of surveyed beneficiaries, after sanctioning the relief appeal by the Nagaloka relief work team, we ordered Ration kits to the shopkeeper and after getting the ration kits our team take a pickup van on rent and went to the surveyed villages and distribute the ration kits.

After getting the ration kits, beneficiaries are express gratitude toward donors and Manuski, Jambudvipa and Nagaloka. after getting the ration kit all seem very happy. we say a couple of things about Babasaheb and Buddha to them, most are interested to know about our work. most People are from tribal backgrounds so they are very simple and honest so not get any difficulty in distributing the ration kits.

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