All volunteers on the COVID-19 Respond Team are requested to give daily reports of volunteer work done by them. This submitted report will be reviewed by our Media team and uploaded on the website accordingly


Reporting form

    Information about the report writer
    Your Email*:
    Your Mobile*:

    Give your Work Informations below:

    Actual Relief Work done date*:

    Work Location(City/District)*:

    Work State*:

    Team Members Name*: (Separate each names by comma):

    Details of beneficiaries*:(eg. Daily wagers, people of slum area, travellers, particular community or so)

    Total Number of Beneficiaries Families*:
    Total Number of Beneficiaries People*:

    What did you distribute?*

    How did you conduct your relief work?*

    Outcome or Remarks?

    Please add min 3 of your activity photos. Images should be clear action photos in landscape mode (Horizontal). Avoid selfies and file size should bebelow 4MB of JPEG, JPG or PNG.
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    Some general instructions while sending the reports:

    1. Mention your own name, mobile and email while reporting. After submitting the form, one copy will be sent to you in the same email. (If not received, please check spam)
    2. All the * marked fields are compulsory.
    3. Mention all the main team members involved in the work (Specially NTI Alumni)
    4. In “What did you distribute?” please mention what items you distributed to the people like ration kits, blankets, education kits, sanitary napkins clothes, stationaries, etc.
    5. In “How did you conduct your relief work?” please mention all the details of the work done. The same should be proved by the photos you attach in the report.
    6. In “Total Number of beneficiaries” mention the numbers of people or families you reached or helped.
    7. In “Details of beneficiaries” you can write more details of the beneficiaries like Daily wage earners, people of slum area, travellers, particular community or so. The more detailed, the better.
    8. In the “Outcome or Remarks?” you can write more about the conclusion, how beneficiaries responded, any particular incident, any difficulties in getting the work done, or about the next plans in that area.
    9. Last one most important photos,
      1. Attach action photos. (While doing the work)
      2. Both the volunteers and beneficiaries should be visible.
      3. Always take photos in Landscape mode (horizontally) not Portrait (vertically).
      4. No selfies.
      5. Make sure volunteers wear mask and take precautions.
      6. While attaching, make sure the file size is less than 6MB
      7. Attach 3 photos. If you have more photos, please email separately at : along with the your name and activity.