Hyderabad Flood Relief Work

Nagaloka and its Alumnis have widespread their responds to various disasters and pandemic. 14th October 2020, there has been massive flooding in Hyderabad, Telangana. Nagaloka is supporting the most deprived community by providing emergency relief materials.

Our alumnis in Hyderabad extends their helps in the low lying areas of Lingojiguda, SaroorNagar and LB Nagar. Through the survey, our team identified 150 families who are adversely affected. Please donate generously in this time of dire need.

Our Relief Work Team

Contact our telangana relief team members for any kind of relief assistance  or relief work updates.

JVD Prasad

+91-97018 13046

Sridhar Adikhe

+91-83744 13587

Yeshwardhan Rahul

+91-80968 45245

Extend Your generosity!

Hyderabad Flood Relief Work