Who are our Volunteers?

Our team of volunteers are from Nagaloka’s team, Nagarjuna Training Institute’s Alumni and their partner organisation, the Manuski Trust’s team members. They have committed themselves for volunteering selflessly to support India through this crisis. We are using our strong network all over India to collaborate and support our nation during this crisis.

How do we work?

We work on the information provided by our volunteers regarding the people in distress due to the current lock-down situation all over India. They collect information regarding what kind of support or help they need. The information is then passed to the State Coordinators, who then pass this information to our central team located in Nagpur and Pune. The central team then uses its available resources and networks to help the needy.

What kind of support volunteers provide?

  • Providing food packets.
  • Providing food grains.
  • Providing medical assistance.
  • Providing information regarding the current situations and Government orders.
  • Promoting awareness regarding Corona Virus.
  • Spreading information about physical distancing and hand washing to people in both urban and rural areas, through face-face interactions, posters, and videos in different languages.
  • Providing emergency support to effected individuals or families with the help of local Government officials or other NGO’s.

How can one contact our Volunteers?

* Please give complete details of help needed (Person name, mobile, complete address, kind of help needed)

How can one join to be a Volunteers?

Presently our volunteers team are Nagaloka, Nagarjuna Training Institute and Manuski Trust members only. But looking at the current situation we would like to keep this open for all. If you think you can support us by willing to be a volunteer, please fill the online form (Click Here), We will review the form and get back to you soon!