Winter Relief Work

Donate Blankets and Warm Clothes

Two-time food, water to drink, clothes to wear and a roof over the head - these are the basic needs of every human. The irony is that there is a section in our country that has no shortage of resources and they feel that the world is very beautiful and comfortable. On the other hand, there is a section which struggles day and night to somehow meet these basic needs. Hundreds of poor people die every year due to winter only due to shortage of clothes that can keep them warm.

How can you help?

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the able people who can be useful to the needy. There is no need to do much for this, but even small steps can bring big changes. Such as donating clothes. Yes, we all have many such clothes that we never wear, just store them in the cupboard. If we bring these clothes to any needy, then it will be a great help for them. Now the question comes, where and how can one donate clothes?

Separate the clothes

First collect all the clothes from your wardrobe that you do not wear at all. Separate torn or worn clothes from them. The rest are the right clothes that you can use if you give them to someone, keep the clothes for donation. After doing this, whichever needy will get your clothes, a smile will come on their face.

Give clothes a new look

Now instead of throwing some of the torn clothes or left in the dustbin, you can make more new things from them. Remember that it takes several liters of water to make a piece of cloth. Organizations like Swachh do not just collect clothes to donate, but they also upcycle some clothes. That means making bags, scarves, etc. with an old cloth. You can do this work yourself.

Always wash before you donate

Although many organizations donate clothes to the people only by washing them, if you wash them, they will save a lot of time. Apart from the outfits, if you are giving clothes to anyone yourself, wash it because you do not know if they have the means of washing and drying clothes.

Donate clothes according to the season

Keep the weather in mind before giving clothes to anyone. During winter, it is better to give blankets, sweaters or other warm clothes. In the summer, you can donate light cotton clothes.

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Extend Your generosity!

Alternatively, you can also donate in terms of monetarily. Please use the "Donate Now" link and mention "Winter Relief work" as the purpose of your kind donation.

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