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Ration Distribution 3

Ration Distribution at Nizamabad, Telangana

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Y Rahul
Location of Work: Nizamabad
State: Telangana
Team Members involved: Y Rahul, Manisha, Lakhan,
Work details: well we first find the beneficiary and they background and they social status, and we do also look into they professional what they are working and how long they are not working, due to lock down, we interact them about they current situation how they are feeding they family , they says we have having meals in alternative days, if some one providing food we used to walk by 4 to 5 KM to get the meal and feed our children, we really get shocked by listening them, we give most preferences to the poorest of poor,the locality are dally wages earner like puncher shop painter and hamalis few of them are old age people who cant work, some of them are not able to have the food for 3 days, they even do not have a ration card, this people are most effected from covid 19, they didn’t get any support from the state government and central government, all are backwardness and downtrodden people we visiting door to door and seeing they house and distributing the grocers, few of the houses are to congested, they cant even get sustain to generate they income sources
Beneficiaries Quantity: 153
Beneficiaries Details: dally wagers earners and slums domestic workers riksh pullers and Hamalis
the people are very surprised by visiting us at they locality, with grocers kits all are coming towards us and so enthusiastic by seeing the ration kit’s after receiving the grocers kit they are coming to hug us and touching our feet, we said just thank to Nagarjuna Training institution, they made it possible, after reviving the grocers kit we can see a shining smile on they faces, its very difficult in this summer and that to in 46 to 47 degree heat but we tack proper measurement to avoid dehydrate.

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