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Ration Distribution at Bilgram, Uttar Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Shanti kushwaha
Location of Work: Bilgram
State: Uttar Pradesh
Team Members involved: Shanti, Vipul, Piyush, Dr. Ramdas, Annapurna, Ranjana, Himanshu, Bandana, Kamlesh
Work Details:

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic and nationwide lock-down,  the poor working-class people, all over India, are struggling to feed their families. In such a situation, neither they have bread to eat nor have money with them. Some can even work, but local administration not allow them to do so. Keeping this in mind, NTI has started a campaign under the Nagaloka COVID 19 response and provided me some amount of money, what I have appealed for, to distribute 15 to 20 days ration to the needy.  I myself along with my team did the same. The people who received the dry ration were very happy and blessed the Nagaloka.

Beneficiaries Quantity: 39

Beneficiaries Details: There are similar families in the village who go to the cities for wages but now they are unable to do anything and they do not have the money to feed themselves and their families, people suffering from such problem are helpless in the village And living life in extreme poverty

Remarks: At 6:00 am today, I myself along with my team first to distributed ration or food grains to the needy people at village Birahimpur Inayatpur Roopapur Block Barkhani District Hardoi, 40 km far away from Bilgram. Each member from our team helped us a lot in the relief work. While distributing the ration, we observe that the people to whom we have given ration were slum dwellers and beggars. We did the relief work in one of our team member’s house.  Each member from our team contributed a lot during the relief work not only by physical but financial as well.  We tried to reach out to each pre-identified list to provide dry ration to them, who are in extreme need of ration. They mostly belong to schedule caste and uneducated. Because of illiteracy, they have to work Like daily wage laborers. They understand that they are not educated, so they don’t have to do anything and depend on others, neither they have been able to do anything by themselves.  These people do not bother to send their children to school. I have opened a school for such communities as children. We are constantly trying to boost their morale by counseling such people and encourage them to send their children to our school.  So that the way they are living their lives, their children should not.

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