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Ration Distribution at Alwar, Rajasthan

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Pradeep Kumar Kardam
Location of Work: Alwar
State: Rajasthan
Team Members involved: Raghuraj, Jaikishan, Abhishek, Amit, Bawal, Rishabh, Sachin
Work Details: First I and my team do transit work in our area and observe who needs essential ration material. Due to the lockdown COVID- 19, most of the people from the SC community, daily wages worker ragpickers, and most of the marginalised peoples lost their source of income. They are suffering from how to get food for their family. Then we send an appeal to the Nagaloka relief team. After getting the support we purchase dry food material like that oil, wheat flour, vegetables, sugar, spices, rice, etc.. Then we distributed the food kits to the identified people.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 55
Beneficiaries Details: All beneficiaries belong to the labor class sector, daily wages worker, they all work in the local area
Firstly we are very thankful to Nagaloka and also the Nagaloka COVID-19 relief team and the donors who provide such a really very good opportunity to help our community and also personalized people peoples in this current situation. Without Nagaloka’s support, we were not able to do this work. In our area who benefit from our work, they all are happy with the Ration materials and blessed us. Some people also want to visit Nagaloka.

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