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Ration Distribution at Bijoypur, Arunachal Pradesh

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Basu Dev Chakma
Location of Work: Bijoypur, subdivision Bordumsa , District Changlang Arunachal Pradesh 792056
State: Arunachal Pradesh
Team Members involved: Basudev Chakma , Surendra chakma, Maitriratna
Work details: We have purchase the very essential items Rice, Mustard Oil and salt. We again repacking of rice in 8 kg of packing one bottle of mustard oil and 1 kg salt. Village people was helped in packing the ration.We he distributed in the present of Bhante and village X Gauburah and senior Person of Village. We arrange the distribution program at Dhamma Deep Buddha Vihar. We have distributed to 195 families of 9 villages.
Beneficiaries Quantity: 684
Beneficiaries Details: Daily Wages Labour, poor Famalies and Widow women.
People are given Thanks to Nagaloka organisation and team members of all Volunteers Maitriratna, Basudev and Surendra Chakma. People are very happy in receiving donation in this difficult situation of lockdown due to covid-19. People have been loss in many ways this year, They are very happy while receiving our donation. They express their gratitude to us and donors and they also bless to us.

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