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Ration Distribution 13

Sharda Masurkr of Raipur, Chattishgarh

Name:   Sharda Masurkr
Age:  65
Background:    Ambedkrite
Locality:     Bada Ashok Nagar Bazar chowk near Railway track its slum area.
Occupation       Bidi maker
Husband:     Painter
Children:  4(3 daughters & 1 son) 2 daughters are got married younger daughter lives with them.
Her husband works as a painter and, he is drunker whatever he earns drinks every day, but due to lockdown he is not working and does not have a job and lives at home all day. Mrs. Sharda Masurkr she is 65 years old and work from home she makes Bidi at home prepares 1000 Bidi than she gets 50 to 60 rs in a day if she makes 1000 bidis than otherwise no.
She is not well for a few years she has knee pain and she can’t sit for a long time, and hardly makes Bidi.
Her son is drugs addicted he doesn’t work, if he works but not support at home that’s why she makes Bidi, her condition is not good she has no education, and husband is drunker so we can imagine they always problems at home.
So due to this Coronavirus, her husband stopped working and she makes Bidi at home, which is not an appropriate income as mentioned above.
Ration Distribution 13

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